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Swami Sachchidanandaji Saraswati Maharaj
Anand Vrindavan Asharam
Swami Shri Akhandanand Marg
Moti Jheel
Vrindavan (Mathura), U.P.
PIN: 281121 INDIA.


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Anand Vridavan Ashram

Anand Vrindavan Ashram Shri Maharajshr’s ‘Anand-Vrindavan Ashram’ in Vrindavan(in Uttarpradesh in India) is a holy abode, where unison of knowledge, devotion and action prevails. In the Ashram various activites, such as Satsang, Thakur-Seva, (worship of the Lord), looking after cows, serving the Saints, studying of the Vedic Scriptures, Swami Shri Akhandananda pustkalya, Swami Shri Akhandananda Audio visual library, free medical treatment, etc. are pursued. Besides the socio-cultural, yearly birth-celebrations of all the Saints and Teachers, initiated by Shri Maharajshri are remembered till today. This is the best example of Shri Maharajshri’s generosity.

Swami OmkaranandJi Sarswati “Mahant Ji” Maharaj guided the Anand Vrindavan Ashram and associated charitable trusts, from 1987 to 2008. Today, Swami Sachchidanandaji heads the Anand Vrindavan Ashram and he has recently (Date-30 march 2011) anointed Swami Shravanandji as the newest “Mahant” to continue Maharajshri’s traditions of service (Karma), devotion (Bhakti), and knowledge (Gyan).

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